Ships across the globe are sailing with masts made by the Aanesland factory. We produce masts according to our customer's specifications and drawings.

We offer masts made from whole spruce, pinewood, Douglas pine and larch tree.

Other products cut on the lathe such as booms, bowsprits, gaffs, etc are also an integral part of our product line for such vessels.

Our largest product to date is a 100 ft. mast, made from a whole piece pine, lathed according to specifications from our client. The mast had a total measure of almost 25 sq. ft.

We have also produced and delivered several two-piece masts making their total length 150 ft. or more.

A ships mast in whole wood needs careful planning and preparation, especially due to the drying process. We may lathe these products either raw or dried but it is crucial for the product to dry properly before the finishing process. Without proper preparation the life span of such masts may be reduced. We handpick all raw materials in order to optimize the result for our clients.

Send us your drawing or even just a sketch, and we will submit our offer tailor-made made for your needs.