We produce and sell flagpoles in wood, fiberglass and aluminum.

An ideal flagpole is supposed to be 6 - 10 ft. (2 - 3 m) taller than the proximal building where it will be placed.

We have made flagpoles of wood since 1945 and we have accumulated extensive expertise in the production of this product.
A wood pole made of a one piece spruce is a very solid product since this type of tree has a slow growth rate. A 30 foot (9 meter) spruce flagpole typically weighs 90 lbs (40 kg) and only requires minimal maintenance. With a new stroke of paint approximately every 8 years the product will have a normal lifespan of 20 years. This type of flagpole is also stronger and more rigid than other alternatives.
Our top of the line wood flagpoles is a laminated pressure impregnated pine product. These are the best and most durable products and having the same advantage as all wood flagpoles; no "noise pollution" from rattling ropes against hollow metal.

The Aanseland factory is proud to have produced Norway's tallest wood flagpole. It is made of a one-piece spruce and stands almost 100 feet high with a flag measuring almost 200 sq. feet. A magnificent sight!