The Aanesland factory may lathe cut whole wood logs up to almost 100 ft. (30 m) with diameters up to 25.5 inches (650 mm). This unique capability enables us to undertake a wide variety of assignments.

We can supply beams for "lavvos", as well as wooden light masts for several types of architectural environments either in spruce, larch wood, oak or pine. We have numerous domestic customers from Longeyearbyen on Svalbard to Valle in Setesdal. We have also produced wooden light masts for the T°yen cultural park for the world famous Norwegian architectural firm "Sn°hetta", which was recently awarded the 9.11 memorial in New York.

As we cooperate closely with several LIMTRE factories in Norway, we often do special lathe cutting for them as well. This is usually lathe cutting of columns and beams to various building projects.

We often work in close contact with architects and contractors in connection with special products or unique projects requiring our expertise within this field.

Our unique capabilities are currently in demand not only in Norway but we have also delivered products in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Sweden and the United States.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you make your ideas a reality